Who is Philanthropic Shopaholic?

Philanthropic Shopaholic is the voice you hear when you claim you have nothing to wear whilst staring at an overflowing wardrobe. She hates the idea of ever-growing landfills of clothing, sweat-shop working conditions, pesticide contamination and dangerous by-products but isn’t entirely sure how her actions could challenge such issues. She follows Treehugger and Climate Neutral Now religiously, that is, of course, after catching up on Vogue. With bills to pay, she reaches for high-street workwear oblivious to the journey each item has taken to reach her. Every morning she reaches for her Pure aerosol deo and when nighttime comes, her trusty Simple face-wipes help remove the day’s debris. Yes, she recycles at home but when she’s in a rush that Pret take-away coffee may find itself in a non-recyclable bin. So why stop her on her merry way? This blog seeks to answer why.


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